Anatomy of mobile homes

Here are some different examples of mobile home (MH) diagrams or pictures of them.  You have to check you MH for clues.

This diagram is from Foremost Insurance Co. website My Great Home.


This above diagram is different from my MH
 My joists run the length of the MH.  The heating duct and plumbing to kitchen runs inside the joist bays as opposed to diagram above where the duct runs in a chase in the frame, below joists. 
I had cut out the cross-braces in this photo.   I only had them at the plywood seams, every four feet.

But below is a picture of a different set up then either of the above examples. 

This setup has cross-bracing on top of joists where my set up has cross-bracing notched into joists (notice the extra wide cross bracing in middle of picture, thats for the plywood seams). This also has joists running the length, as you can see the heating duct is inside joist bay.

This is from a website that shows his remodel.