This is the design page.  
The construction will be posted to the home page.

I'm taking the spare bedroom and original bath and creating a laundry room, larger bath and a bigger closet for the bedroom.  

The mobile home (MH) is 12x60, but the interior dimension is approx. 11'4" wide.  The current hallway is 2'10" and it will stay that wide.  That leaves the laundry room, bath & closet all 8'6" wide.  The only variable is the lengths.  

I have worked on this design for months on paper, and a few years in my head.  This is 2 designs I came up with.  These drawings I did on a free program I found at  It was very user friendly and there is also youtube videos that show how to use it.

These two designs are the lasted designs.  I was going to compartmentalize the water closet (toilet) and the leave the shower/ sink area together (as you can see down the page).  But my brother had just came back from vacation and expressed my design flaw.  At his house, they have 2 baths, his wife gets ready in one, he in the other.  When they were on vacation, they had to share a bath.  Well, his wife wouldn't let him use the shower till she had finished doing her hair because of the humidity.  So back to the drawing board.

I thought maybe it would be better to separate the shower/toilet area from the vanity.  But I also thought the toilet should be separated some from the shower, not by a door but maybe a 3/4 wall.  A pocket door will separate the vanity area from the shower/toilet area.   

These designs below are from  Their program is pretty easy to learn also, but you can only use it for so many days, then you have to purchase.  I really liked it, especially because you could snap in the measurements and it had lots more fixtures to chose from, but the price was out of my range. But as you can see, I got 15 designs out of it before it expired! Here's a sampling.